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PE Grant

PE Grant

The PE and Sport Grant Funding

What does Sport Premium mean?

In 2014, the government announced that it would provide £150 million for school sport funding. This is in addition to the £300 million already pledged, to enable children to become physically literate and promote a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport long after they have left school.

What does this mean for Wyre Forest School?

This funding equates to £ *unknown as yet* being received for 2016-2017, to raise knowledge and progress of our pupils to enable them to become physically literate.

What is this funding spent on?

The funding is spend on promoting lifelong involvement in physical activity through high quality provision of PE and sport , but school have the freedom to decide where they prioritise the distribution of this funding. For example, funding could be spent on:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified coaches to work ALONGSIDE primary teachers.
  • New or additional Change4Life sport clubs.
  • Be spoked training programmes for primary staff to develop delivery of high quality PE.
  • Introduce new sports or activities to encourage more pupils to participate.
  • Run sports competitions.
  • Increase pupils’ participation in School Games.

Please follow the link below to see how Wyre Forest School spent the PE Grant.

How will Wyre Forest School be allocating the funds for 2016-2017?

At Wyre Forest School, we see PE and sport as key to raising standards and attainment throughout the school, helping modify behaviour, raising pupil’s self-confidence, teamwork and inter-personal skills. With this in mind we plan to use our funds in the following way:

  1. Specialist, high quality after school coaching for a minimum of three clubs (Football, Gymnastics and Multi-skills) – £1700
  2. Membership to the Wyre Forest School partnership, enabling access to CPD for existing staff, availability of resources and providing advice and support – £170
  3. Identify groups of pupils to challenge them at the indoor climbing centre, Wyre Forest Leisure centre, aiming to address their disillusion of Physical activity and sport in general – £2000
  4. Provide Physical Education polo shirts to all primary teachers, with an aim to raise the PE profile and remind pupils to bring their PE kit on certain days of the week – £340
  5. Provide support to pupils for after school club, by paying PE TA overtime to work alongside specialist external coaches, thus increasing their own CPD – £340
  6. The remainder of the budget will be spent on purchasing resources designed to develop existing knowledge and understanding of core sports and also introduce new sports to the curriculum to invigorate pupils interest and raise sustainability in sport and healthy living long after they leave Wyre Forest School – approximately £3800
What impact will these funds have on our pupils?

The introduction of specialist coaches, increased resources and the professional development of our existing staff will have a huge impact upon the development of our students becoming more physically literate at an early age. Through the allocation of resources, we feel we can have a key impact on the use of positive handling, by identifying pupils that are less physically able, and those identified as in need of extra support through our excellent THRIVE programme to help them progress, alleviating some of their stresses and frustrations. We feel as many as 80% of our students will progress to upper quartile targets, with the identification and allocation of new and appropriate resources. By encouraging pupil conferencing we can raise confidence levels, encouraging pupils to reflect on their own and others progress and enjoyment through PE.