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Newsletter 29 January 2016

Newsletter 29 January 2016

This week's newsletter!

This will be the last paper newsletter. We are going to be reducing paper consumption and keep you up to date by posting our news on our new website, our news app and twitter!

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Special Olympics

Harry  was the recipient of The Alastair West Award a West Midland Regional Award and is also winner of The Tony Gay MBE Memorial Award for outstanding endeavour. Harry’s parents are very proud of him, as are we!


7W's geography topic is Flooding. We have looked at the different types of flood and pupils had a go at creating their own flood defences. They were very   successful!

It's been another busy week in the secondary food room, Year 10 catering students have made their own pasta this week, served with mustard, Parmesan chicken and Parmesan lolly pops. I have to say I thought the class were part Italian with the amazing skills they showed in using the pasta machine.

Food Technology

Year 11 have been learning about recipes and following instructions and how you can adapt savoury recipes. The class enjoyed the demonstration on using a packet cake mix and how the ordering of the instructions to follow was so important. They also enjoyed the sampling of the cakes once they were cooked.

Finally 8I have produced the most delicious Chelsea buns and practised their weighing, measuring and rolling out skills; we truly have some expert bakers at WFS.

Ms Jilli Guy-Food   Technology Teacher


This morning our English group (some of 8H and 9P) went into the teepee to listen to the story of Beowulf. It was the first time we had heard the full story and we were all engrossed. 😊

Farm to Fork

Sixth form Class 13P enjoyed visiting Tesco “Farm to Fork” this was an opportunity to look around their store showing students how the food we eat gets on to our plate. One of our students said “I would like a job here”

(This may open job opportunities for student in the future).

Well Done!

Well done Sam for winning a trophy for the best male trainee of 2015 at the Special Olympics. Sam has only been competing in the Special Olympics from the middle of last year! What a big achievement Sam!! Well done, keep up the good work       7P

We’re in the shuttle this week!!

Reminder to all parents

Classes 13D & 13P only will be CLOSED to students on Tuesday 2nd February

Whole school attendance for week ending 22.01.2016 was 94.8%