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Communication and Interaction


The Team

The team consists of a Communication Support Manager, a Specialist Teacher in Autism, Communication Assistant/First Aider and Speech and Language Therapists. Within our team we also have a trained Signalong Tutor.

Our Team Aim

We will support the communication needs of the pupils at the Wyre Forest School by promoting a high quality consistent approach to communication and interaction.



We aim to do this through the school’s 4 communication standards.

Standard 1:

The school provides a communication friendly learning environment. Classroom staff consistently support communication and learning through use of visual resources.

Standard 2:

Classroom staff consistently use language that matches the learning, language and emotional literacy level of individual learners.

Standard 3:

Classroom staff consistently use the mode of communication that matches the primary means of communication of individual learners.

Standard 4:

Teaching staff and Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) will work collaboratively to develop and monitor appropriate communication targets.

How the team works

  • We meet and talk with class teams
  • We work in class e.g. Observation, offering advice, demonstration and modeling of strategies.
  • Carry out individual assessment of communication skills for referred pupils
  • We are involved in target setting e.g. for Individual Pupil Profiles
  • Carry out joint reviews and evaluation
  • We set up and maintain the school’s communication friendly environment (link to the document)
  • We prepare, share and loan out communication and interaction resources

We offer training for our community partners and for WFS school staff. Close links with parents and other carers are maintained and communication training and resources are provided for home and other settings when necessary.