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Link Governors

Link Governors

Every Governing Board has a statutory responsibility to establish and monitor school policies and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its curriculum. Governors are also held to account for the school’s performance. The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) assumes that Governors know the strengths and weaknesses of the school and will test this assumption during a school inspection.

The role of the Link Governor is to provide a link between the Governing Board and the school. When Link Governors visit the school and report back to the Governing Board, they help to deepen all governors’ understanding of how the school operates, how the strategic objectives are being pursued, how financial resources are being used and what extra support the school may need to meet its objectives. Without Link Governors, the Governing Board is totally reliant on the Headteacher, or other staff governors, for their understanding of the school. The presence of Link Governors provides an additional source of evidence upon which governing decisions can be made. This additional evidence should enable the Governing Body to better challenge information presented by the school and also better support the school to meet its strategic objectives.

At WFS we ask our Link Governors to:
  • Gain insight into the life of the school.
  • Create and develop relationships with staff, children and where appropriate parents.
  • Better understand the Governors roles in school development.
  • Enable a deeper understanding of the school’s current performance, practice, strengths and areas for further development.
  • Observe policies and plans being implemented on a day-to-day basis.
What is the purpose of Link Governor Visits?
  • To increase the governing board’s first-hand knowledge about the school and its daily operation; thus, helping to inform ongoing and future strategic decision-making.
  • Monitor how the school is managing areas for further development.
  • Demonstrate to staff that the Governing Board takes its responsibilities very seriously.
  • See in context the monitoring systems employed by the school.
  • They provide OFSTED with concrete evidence about the involvement of the governors in the school.
Structure for Link Governor Roles 2021/2022
Role Named Governor Frequency of Monitoring Staff Lead
Safeguarding Brenda Lines Every term Alison Hopkins
SEND & Inclusion Brenda Lines Every term Rebecca Garratt
Pupil Premium/LAC/PLAC Kelly Yapp 2 x a year Alison Hopkins
EYFS Krys Malpass 2 x a year Victoria Glass
Sixth Form, Destinations & Careers Sarah Oliver 2 x a year Rebekah Thompson
Health & Safety Brenda Lines (temporary) Every term Elaine Griffin
Mental Health & Wellbeing including Sports Premium Sue Brooke 2 x a year Alison Hopkins/Jo Kehoe
Finance & GDPR Mark Cupitt Once a year Elaine Griffin & Jo Kehoe
Curriculum Krys Malpass 2 x a year Jo Kehoe