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Our Families

Russell House opened in September 2014 and offers term time weekly boarding for up to sixteen pupils from Wyre Forest School.

Our Families

We understand that the decision for accessing a residential facility can be an extremely difficult one for parents/primary carers, therefore, from the outset, we aim to involve not only parents or primary carers, but also siblings and other family members that are important to our pupils.

Prior to admission, family members are encouraged to visit the facility and meet staff and experience the environment first hand. In addition, we have an open-door ethos and encourage visits from family members to spend time with their child in a planned way that can be supported by staff. If family members wish to take their child out for the evening, this can also be arranged in advance.


Russell House is a lovely, warm, welcoming, friendly place. My daughter loves it! She feels safe and secure. Every member of staff is always willing to help and has time for each and every child there. The children get to go out on outings, trips, visits, activities, shopping, cinema. The staff really do put a lot of effort and thought into the children. The house is always maintained, clean and tidy. Well done to all staff and I thank you all very much for all of your help and support, it means a lot.


[My child’s] behaviour seems to have improved massively. He seems a lot calmer and is more willing to listen and carry out things that he is asked to do. Bedtime and sleep have also definitely improved, as even when he wakes early, he is happy to play nicely in his room. We are very proud of him and very grateful to [all Russell House staff] for all that he is achieving.


[My child’s] biggest achievement this year is that he started talking about his feelings and he tries very hard to be nice to his sister . . .


Young people receive personalised care from consistent and committed staff. Individualised and well-thought-out targets link in with school objectives and help young people to receive positive and coordinated experiences and support. As a result of good support, young people make progress with their learning, independence and emotional wellbeing.


It is such a pleasure to see the progress that pupils attending Russell House achieve. Knowledge and understanding of the pupils are regularly shared to ensure a consistent approach between settings, and this has such a positive impact.

The pupils are developing so many important skills, especially their self-confidence and independence. Their communication skills with staff and with their peers are noticeably improving, and they have developed supportive and caring relationships with others who attend Russell House.