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Performance Data

Performance Data

Working to be not just outstanding but extraordinary!

Steps in progress at Wyre Forest School

Previously pupils ‘attainment’ was measured in National Curriculum Levels and if pupils were not yet working at National Curriculum levels, ‘p’ levels.

The government has stopped the use of National Curriculum Levels and pupils are now judged at age appropriateness or against a pupil’s chronological age, so they are either working at their age range or below.

At a Special School this proves difficult as the vast majority of our pupils are working below their chronological age but they make great steps in progress.

We therefore wanted a system that we could use from the age of 3 to 19 that was simple to use and show each individuals steps in progress.

We use WFS ‘p’ steps to record evidence of progress, set targets and to share goals achieved.

DfE Performance Data

We are compared with all schools, including mainstream schools. This can make our data appear very low as most of our pupil’s cognitive age is below their chronological age. This is why it is very important that we have our own rigorous tracking and monitoring system for progress. We have termly pupil progress meetings where we talk about pupils as individuals and if they are on target to meet their aspirational target, and if not, what further support they may need and termly moderation meetings. A personalised approach to learning is key at Wyre Forest School. Please follow the link below to access DfE performance data for Wyre Forest School.

Where can I access the performance table for WFS?

School Performance Table