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School Council

School Council

Wyre Forest School Council meet regularly to discuss pupils’ views, feelings, ideas and suggestions. 

The members of the School Council have been elected by their peers across the school, with our most recent election adding a member from Lower School to the council. The School Council is made up by a number of key roles, which include:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Lower School Rep
  • Middle School Rep
  • Upper School Rep
  • Sixth Form Rep

To become a member of the School Council, the children introduce themselves to the school, via assembly/video, and explain their personal qualities and a topic they would like to discuss if they are elected. We then hold an election day where each child has the opportunity to vote for one candidate they feel is best suited to the role. Here are some of the qualities our most recent candidates said they felt were important to being a School Council member: 

  • Good listening
  • Good talking
  • Confidence
  • Being friendly
  • Happy
  • Organised
  • Being helpful

During a meeting, the children have the opportunity to discuss a range of topics in a safe and supporting environment. Here at Wyre Forest School, we ensure our pupils have a voice, and this is one of the many ways we listen. The representatives on the School Council understand it is important to express viewpoints confidently whilst listening and responding in a respectful way. A member of staff will support the children in discussions but ensure it is the pupils voice that is heard. Each meeting has minutes noted which are passed on to the Senior Leadership Team.

The School Council have previously been involved in a number of projects, including surveying opinions of their peers, supporting play on both the Primary and Secondary playground, as well as helping to organise some school community events. 

In the near future, we are hoping to hold interviews and surveys to gain a wider understanding of the pupils in our school.