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At Wyre Forest School we pride ourselves on putting pupil needs first and our therapeutic provision is a key aspect of our school that supports our most complex and challenging pupils with attachment issues or early childhood trauma issues. All staff at Wyre Forest School have an understanding of attachment and have accessed basic training in psychotherapeutic approaches to support pupils. In addition to this we have a number of staff who have received higher level training in specific interventions that specifically focus on the emotional regulation and communication skills of our young people. 

Intervention Level

What is it?



Classroom Culture

Class teacher manages the class in an empathetic way addressing pupils emotional needs. Pastoral support used when low level dysregulation occurs.


Individual Intervention

Pupils identified as requiring behaviour interventions are referred to the weekly therapists meeting and appropriate interventions planned. At this stage a pupil will receive an assessment. Interventions include Pastoral Team Support, Counselling, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, THRIVE Intervention, Physical Support Work.




For some pupils a very bespoke time limited individualised curriculum is required. This is monitored weekly by the Positive Engagement Team and SLT at the Positive Behaviour Meetings

In addition to a whole staff approach to supporting pupils emotionally, we also have some additional therapeutic interventions that are used to develop this work further. 


Wyre Forest School currently accesses the following interventions:

  • Music Therapy
  • Movement Therapy
  • Sensory Occupational Therapy
  • Communication Support
  • Riding for the Disabled


In addition to our ‘in-school therapeutic program’ we also link with Educational Psychologists, CAMHS, attachment specialists, Social Services, Worcestershire Virtual School and other local authority support agencies.