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It is our policy that all pupils from Reception to Year 11 wear school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. The aim is that pupils of Wyre Forest School will develop and feel a sense of community and belonging through the wearing of the school uniform.

The school uniform for pupils in Reception to Year 11 consists of the following:


White long or short sleeved shirt or polo shirt (with or without the school logo)



Black or dark grey trousers for boys or girls


Black or dark grey skirt for girls


Black or dark grey school shorts may be worn in the Summer months

NAVY BLUE round or V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo


Black shoes



Plain black blazer with school badge



School tie with logo


Fleece jacket with school logo


Blue and white check dress may be worn in the Summer months



Bag, e.g. backpack


Coat of own choice


Hat for sun protection (to be worn during outdoor activities in the Summer months)

PE/swimming kit:


Black sports shorts or trousers

Plain white t-shirt


Training shoes – colour of own choice


Swim shorts for boys


Swimming costume for girls


Colour of own choice


PE/swimming bag – colour of own choice

Large towel – colour of own choice

Outdoor Learning kit (usually worn to school instead of uniform on days specified by school):



Old, comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions


Warm, waterproof coat


Sturdy footwear, e.g. walking boots/shoes or Wellington boots



Seasonal items, e.g. woolly hat/scarf/gloves for Winter or sun hat for Summer

Nursery and Sixth Form:

Nursery and Sixth Form pupils are not required to wear uniform. In these circumstances, the clothing worn by pupils must still follow some of the fundamental principles:

  • It must be safe and practical for school use.
  • It must not promote unacceptable messages – drugs, violence, racism, etc.
  • The Headteacher or her representative will decide on limits of acceptability.
  • It must not conceal identity.
  • Caps, hats or any other head gear are not unacceptable within school.
How to order school uniform: 

a) Orders can be placed and paid for through the School Trends website and following the order instructions.

b) Orders can be placed by either requesting an order form from the School Office or printing and completing the order form and returning to school with payment.

Please note: It is cheaper to order uniform directly through school with a Uniform Order Form as School Trends charge extra to cover the cost of setting up small orders. However, the Finance Office must have a minimum of six items before an order can be placed.