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Wyre Forest School are proud of our commitment to the use of technology to enhance learning and one aspect of this is our innovative school iPad scheme.

Our vision is simple regarding the use of technology at Wyre Forest School.  We want the iPad and technology to become integral to teaching and learning at the school.  We do not want to replace paper, pens and all of our other wonderful tools for learning but instead we want technology to become an additional tool that allows pupils to access learning in new and innovative ways.   In essence constantly pushing the boundaries technologically will enable us to reach our school vision of becoming ‘extraordinary’.

Examples of this include using the plethora of apps to support individual progress, for example using Hairy Letters to help with letter and word awareness.  This is the expected use of iPads within school but in addition to this we are using the iPads to bring displays to life, control our multi sensory rooms, make short animations and videos to promote school events, develop our coding skills and also use the ipad to turn our spoken word into text.